Music Business Shuts Streaming Music Service

image from announced today that it would shutter it's subscription streaming music service as of April 28th. "This means that traditional subscriber radio will no longer work on any platform or device," the CBS owned company announced. Scrobbling, the feature that drew many users, will still be available via a new Player which draws tracks from Spotify.

"If you have an iOS device you can download the Scrobbler app and build powered playlists from the music in your device’s library,"said the announcement. 

Anticipating user backlash, the announcement concluded: "We understand that many of you will not like this decision. If you would like to cancel your subscription please follow the steps here or you can request a refund here

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  1. It’s a true shame that the company couldn’t find some success after the acquisition. I’d love to hear the behind the scenes story about how they dropped the ball so majorly.

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