Musicians’ Biz Tools Updated: Bandzoogle, SoundCloud, Bandcamp

Soundcloud-statsWell-established biz tools for musicians continue to improve as well they should to stay at the top of the game. Bandzoogle is undergoing a much-needed transformation with regular updates including adding responsive design to websites. SoundCloud recently announced a stats redesign for all account levels. And not too long ago Bandcamp added music feeds to their mobile app and introduced sales maps for geolocating interest.

Bandzoogle Makes Sites Responsive for Mobile

Bandzoogle is up to big changes with a relaunch on the backend and regular updates on the front-end. Of particular note is a move to responsive designs for musicians' websites.

Now Bandzoogle users' sites will adapt to mobile web viewers on smartphones and tablets. Currently the changes only affect standard themes, not the advanced styles, but expect more news to come.

I'll be taking a look at Bandzoogle before too long but check their blog for news about updates.

SoundCloud Redesigns Stats

Following their January player relaunch, SoundCloud recently announced a stats update:

"Free users can view which of their tracks are played, liked, reposted, downloaded, and commented on the most."

"Pro users can see their top fans on SoundCloud and the countries where their tracks are popular."

"With a Pro Unlimited account, you get the above features and can also see the websites, apps, and social networks that people are listening from."

Find out more here.

PS – Is it just me or does that info audio track make you think SoundCloud needs a video player?

Bandcamp Adds Music Feeds to Mobile App

Stretching back a bit, Bandcamp has had some solid feature updates including adding their music feed to their mobile app which is quite likely to increase usage, discovery and sales.

Late last year Bandcamp also added sales maps to Pro accounts allowing you to "view all your buyers on a map for at-a-glance insight."


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