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New Artist Website Toolkit Guides Musicians To Services For Their Official Sites

Artist-website-toolkitThe musician's official website should be at the core of one's web presence. But sorting out all the options for creating a site can be difficult even though a lot of those options make website creation easier. The Music Business Association created an infographic to help musicians with that problem. Titled "Artist Website Toolkit," the infographic organizes services by primary use and includes links to their sites in a handy sidebar.

Unfortunately the fully functional Artist Website Toolkit Infographic isn't embeddable though you can see the design below. However it is in pdf form which means you can check it out in your browser or download it to your desktop to use the links to services. You can even print it out for office decoration.


The infographic is brought to you by the Music Business Association.

As Robby Towns, Director of Digital Strategy & Community, stated:

"It’s extremely important for musicians to maintain their own official websites, and thanks to the third-party services highlighted in this infographic, it’s much easier for them to achieve professional results with minimal experience"

"We hope that artists and other webmasters will hang this infographic by their desk to consult whenever they decide to add new features to their sites, as these services can help anyone create a high-quality and highly functional web presence that will draw in new fans and impress potential industry backers.”


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