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Now You Can Shazam Vinyl-Only Dance Tracks Just In Time For WMC and Ultra

JunorecordslogosmallYesterday, at Winter Music Conference, Shazam announced an exclusive partnership with Juno Records to add their 4 million deep catalog of dance music tracks to Shazam's id system. A special aspect is the inclusion of vinyl-only releases. Apparently vinyl-only releases are widespread in the world of dance music so this is interesting news from a variety of angles including the vinyl boom and monetization via Shazam-connected music sales.

Shazam's announcement at Winter Music Conference (WMC) is a nice move. It connects dance music and vinyl via Juno Records in a town which is host to two major dance music events this month including Ultra Music Festival as well as WMC.

With people purchasing a lot of music after id'ing tracks through Shazam and Juno's news that their vinyl sales are growing rapidly, this deal isn't just about making it easier to discover music but also about producing more opportunities to monetize music.

And, as Juno's Richard Atherton points out:

“Many of the releases we stock and sell are often not available on commercial download stores for weeks after their release on Juno, so we believe that we can bring an extra dimension to Shazam’s already excellent service.”

Shazam and Juno have created an infographic to relate news of Juno Records' vinyl sales growth:


Note that, "as of this announcement, Juno’s vast database has already been incorporated into Shazam’s music database, and will continue to grow with thousands of new and exclusive tracks every week."

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