Rockstar Cash Helps Musicians and Bloggers Monetize Free Music

Rockstar_cash-313x207By Eliot Van Buskirk of Evolver.fm.

Typically, when bloggers write about a band, they’ll include a link to their music via SoundCloud or YouTube. According to the makers of Rockstar Cash, when they do, they’re missing out on an opportunity to make a bit of extra money.

“It’s a platform where musicians and bloggers can monetize free music or writing a review,” explained Rockstar Cash promoter Lacy Quin

To use it, a blogger or musician build an embeddable widget or a link for each song they want to include in their blog post, or on their band’s website.

Basically, it puts the song behind an interactive advertisement that asks the reader/listener to do something.

“Maybe they want their email address, maybe they want to give them a coupon for [a particular product,” explained Quin. “Though that, the advertiser is getting the most for their money, and the consumer is getting that hot, free song that they really, really want, that they would do anything for. In that instance, the musician gets paid, and the blogger gets paid.”

Rockstar Cash is now available in beta form.


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