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Samsung Makes Another Big Marketing Move With Milk Music Radio

Samsung-milk-logoOn Friday Samsung introduced Milk Music aka Milk, a radio service for Galaxy users featuring over 200 web radio stations as well as customization options. The new service is powered by Slacker and is currently offered for free without ads. Note that all descriptions say that "free" and "ad-free" are for a limited time. Like other musical efforts by Samsung to build their brand, such as the Jay-Z album release, this is a big move to capture attention.

Samsung's new Milk radio is powered by Slacker, according to the official announcement.

Milk has over 200 stations, both genre-based and curated, and 13 million songs. Special features such as "Spotlight" and "My Stations" allows for additional discovery through curation and personalization. You can also skip 7 songs per hour per station.

Plans are in the works to offer "unique music programming from top selling and emerging artists available exclusively through Milk."

Samsung Milk Music: An In-depth Tour

The Android app, available via Google Play, is well-designed with some nice touches. The above video gives a thorough look.

Though Samsung wants to promote use of their Galaxy phones, non-Galaxy Android users have already accessed the service which is an interesting situation. For the functionality they could just go to Slacker or some other service but turning access into a bit of a game may actually be useful for marketing purposes though I assume anti-Samsing smack talk gets included in the process.

Still and all an interesting move and a nicely designed music app from Samsung.


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