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Senzari Debuts MusicGraph API At SXSW Music Hackathon, Reveals Plans For Music Data Platform

Musicgraph-logoAt last year's SXSW Senzari reintroduced Wahwah, their personal radio for iOS. They've also been providing radio for websites via the Wahwah Bar. Now they're sharing the brains behind Wahwah radio with the debut of the MusicGraph API at the SXSW Music Hackathon Championship. Today Senzari COO Demian Bellumio filled me in on the launch of the MusicGraph API and how that fits into the bigger picture for Senzari.

Senzari is one of the API sponsors for the SXSW Music Hackathon Championship that concludes this afternoon with an awards ceremony Friday evening.

For Senzari the Hackathon is an especially big event with the debut of the MusicGraph API which COO Demian Bellumio described as the knowledge engine behind Wahwah (including the Wahwah Bar for publishers and their mobile app for consumers).

MusicGraph: The Brains Behind Wahwah

MusicGraph has a consumer facing site but you can find out more about the API on the developer's site:

"MusicGraph is the world’s first 'natural graph' for music, which represents the real-world structure of the musical universe. Information contained within it includes data related to the relationship between millions of artists, albums, and songs. Also included is detailed acoustical and lyrical features, as well as real-time statistics across artists and their music across many sources."

MusicGraph has three main elements:

Graph Search – "A simple and powerful music search experience that lets you explore billions of music facts to fit your application needs."

Playlist – "Generate smarter, DMCA compliant, artist-based playlists for radio applications, with detailed evidence/reasoning behind each recommended track."

Music Data – "Query MusicGraph for detailed artist social trends on Twitter, Facebook, Vevo and LastFM. Extract lyrical and acoustic features (tempo, key, mode, loudness, energy, chords, chroma, etc.) "

SXSW Music Hackathon participants have access to the API and the above capabilities. If they wish to continue using MusicGraph after the Hackathon, they'll find it surprisingly accessible with free tiers for non-commercial use and low-priced tiers for commercial use.

From Accessible Music Data to a True Platform

Demian Bellumio said the introduction of the API at SXSW and the pricing approach are part of their longer term goal to make music data more widely available for those who want to start new music services or add features to their music-related sites. He compared their service to Amazon Web Services with pricing based on data usage as compared to more costly options from competitors that may sometimes include a cut of revenue.

But the vision is bigger than simply making their data and related capabilities available to businesses otherwise priced out of the game. They're developing MusicGraph as a platform for connecting data and services that users might one day improve with their own algorithmic contributions.

Bellumio described the platform as one that would also be able to adjust to emerging opportunities such as wearable tech and Internet-enabled autos. For example, MusicGraph might one day be cueing up music matched to one's running speed and optimum performance or be making suggestions for listening on the road based on who's in the car.

While Bellumio says Senzari feels their platform approach is a key differentiator from competitors, such as the recently acquired Echo Nest, a suddenly shifting marketplace should give them new opportunities.

Next for MusicGraph: MIA Music HackDay

Look for the next big MusicGraph appearance at the MIA Music HackDay taking place March 22 and 23 leading into the MIA Music Summit 2014.

Bellumio reports that the HackDay has 110 registered participants with more expected. The MusicGraph API will provide additional capabilities by that point as well.

I'll be on the scene as part of my participation in the MIA Music Summit. I'll be reporting for Hypebot and also moderating two panels:

Alternative Artist Funding: Friends, Fans and Patrons

Digital Music Building Blocks

Hope to see you there!

Announcement: Senzari Officially Opens MusicGraph’s “Graph API” to the Public at the SXSW Music Hackathon Championship


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