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Slash Talks Hacking and His Favorite Winning Hacks From Slashathon

Slashathon_Photo_1Slash put in an appearance at SXSW towards the end of last week's Slashathon to see what was going, hang out with the technically-oriented crowd and participate in judging with BitTorrent's Bram Cohen and tech evangelist Robert Scoble (shown at left). He shared some comments on the Slashathon for a video interview and seemed genuinely pleased with the event overall. Unfortunately, though winners were announced, there doesn't seem to be a demo site or directory so we'll use our imaginations to envision their hacks!

Slashathon was a one day event March 12 to give developers a chance to quickly create an app designed to help Slash connect more closely to fans.

Slash at the (1st Annual?) Slashathon

In the above video Slash seems pretty down to earth and enthused about the projects. In an official release he stated:

“Thank you to all the developers who put forth their best efforts in record time for the 1st ever Slashathon…It was all brilliant. I’m looking forward to doing this event every year.”

Winners of the 2014 Slashathon

Slash TV – Any user in any place can create a rock video for a new album from any mobile phone within 30 seconds.

-On a mobile device it’s hard to film a video, but music stickers are a way to make a video more compelling. With Slash TV you’re able to promote an experience with stages and digital stickers to record your own rock video.

2nd Place Prize: Pretune – As an artist you don’t have time to spend marketing new songs.

-Pretune would automatically promote your album and have the crowd reveal the song bit by bit. Fans can unlock the song progressively by logging in with Twitter or providing their email address.

3rd Place Prize: Crowdroar – Real time feedback from the stage on how people are reacting to songs you never played before via a loudness meter that shows up on a Google Glass display.

Andrea Leonelli describes additional hacks from Slashathon:

Groupieology : Engage fans with a map of their tour movements.

2nite: If you want to check out new artists playing in your town you find short 30-second clips of each artist that is playing that evening.

SOS – Improve Sound quality in your headphones.

Get Hooked! A way to find hooks of your favorite tracks in no time!

Proximity picks: based on the Qualcomm’s Gimbal gadgets that react to location the team created playlists that are associated with the devices.

Said Tagaboom CMO Simon Solotko who was on the winning Slash TV team:

"We decided to show up at this hackathon as our developer's appendix had burst but we managed to get a great team together and it was a super-well run hackathon. We came in with no expectations and can't believe what happened."

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