SupaPass Gives Musicians A Monetizable Fanclub At Hatch Pitch During SXSW

Supapass Logo Clear (full res)SupaPass is a service that gives musicians free access to subscription-based fanclubs. Artists commit to regular exclusive track releases and a range of content and interactive opportunities. Fans subscribe based on which tier the artist has chosen ranging from 99p to 1.99 British Pounds. SupaPass supports not only track downloads but streaming music and interactive video streaming as well as more typical features one would expect such as a blog, photos and concert listings.

SupaPass describes itself as a "next-generation music fanclub" which means, in part, that their development supports the expanded range of artist/fan interactions that have emerged in the digital age. In addition, SupaPass helps artists develop a more consistent revenue stream alongside irregular streams based on music releases and tours.

SupaPass – Music Ecosystem of the Future

SupaPass was a finalist at MidemLab 2013 (as mBaSo) and they're currently a Hatch Pitch finalist at SXSW.

Bop.fm is the other music finalist at Hatch Pitch but, as Mike Butcher points out, SupaPass is the only European company participating.

Butcher describes SupaPass:

"The service is free for artists to use, with SupaPass taking a cut of fan subscriptions."

"For a monthly fee ranging from 99p to £1.99 (or annually from £9.99 – £19.99), fans can subscribe to Bronze, Silver or Gold packages, which variously include pre-released new tracks, browser-based access to a back catalogue, behind-the-scenes audio, video, photo and blog archives and exclusive live video conference Q&As and performances."

You can see a bit more about the options and pricing in this graphic.

Artists choose which level of fanclub to create with the most noticeable difference being whether or not new music downloads will be part of the package and how often they'll be delivered.

SupaPass is building options into their platform to support all this activity including music streaming and live video streaming.

For more info see their Artist and Fan faqs.


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