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The Echo Nest Partners With AirPair For API Developer Support

image from Echo Nest has partnered with Y Combinator backed AirPair help developers connect to its API, the company announced the morning. Connecting APIs to create more interesting products and services is at the core of The Echo Nest's mission both in its own product development and as sponsor of many Muisc Hack Days.

image from tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.comTo make those connections easier, AirPair offers live, online consultations with vetted API experts in several languages.  

In addition to The Echo Nest, other AirPair supported APIs include Algolia, TwoTap, TrueVault, Unbabel, Balanced, Evernote, Searchmetrics, Stripe, Keen IO, Twilio, Sendwithus, TokBox, Framed Data, SendGrid, Human API, Vero, the Echo Nest, and AdRoll. 

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