Will Spotify Continue Topspin Deal Now That It’s Owned By Competitor Beats?

image from www.metalsucks.netAt least from an artist's point of view, one of Spotify's more attractive features was the ability to sell merchandise directly to fans while they listened to your music. That connection was powered by Topspin; which as of today is owned by Spotify's streaming music competitor Beats Music. It's hard to imagine that Spotify will want to continue the relationship, but according to Topspin, at least for now, nothing will change.

"You can continue to use ArtistLink to manage your presence on your MTV artist page or publish your merchandise offers into Spotify," according to Topspin. "Both of these integrations will continue to operate as-is after Beats Music acquires ArtistLink. There will also be no changes to ArtistLink’s Promo Exchange or advertising service." 

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