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Bandsintown Now Reaches 10 Million Registered Music Concert Fans

Bandsintown-logoBandsintown can now claim 10 million "registered concert-goers." Not sure if that includes registered musicians who also go to concerts but, any way you look at it, that's a lot of people registered for concert alerts and related action. In fact, it's pretty hard to imagine 10 million anything and so Bandsintown has found not just one or even two ways to help you understand their incredible growth. They've got three ways to help you understand what it means to have 10 million customers.

Bandsintown is understandably proud of reaching 10 million registered users. So proud that they want to make sure you understand what 10 million means:

  • That’s enough records to go 10X platinum.
  • That’s enough seats to sell out Madison Square Garden over 500 times.
  • That’s enough seats to sell out the largest venue in the world (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) 25 times.
  • That’s more people than 43 states, and all but 14 countries in Europe.
  • That’s enough miles to go around the Earth over 400 times.

Or maybe you'd prefer figuring it out with a video slideshow:

Oh, I get it. You're holding out for the infographic (click to enlarge):



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