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Adweek’s Music Issue: “Kick-Ass” Mag Covers, Beats by Dre Ads, Streaming Music Battles

Adweek-logoAdweek apparently has a Music Issue out, at least that's my guess based on multiple articles appearing online labeled "The Music Issue." While articles do feature an advertising or marketing angle, some step back for the bigger picture addressing topics such as live music on tv and the battle for streaming music supremacy. There's also an aesthetic edge with a feature on sports ads from Beats by Dre and possibly the coolest piece of all, "101 Kick-Ass Music Covers," with examples covering 80 years of popular magazines.

AdWeek's dropping new Music Issues articles as I write this so there may be more ahead. Here's what they've posted so far:

Beats by Dre x Cesc Fabregas: Hear What You Want Commercial

How a Music Company Made Some of the Year's Best Sports Ads

"The fourth spot heads to Spain and an even more intense sports culture: the El Clásico rivalry between F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid. The ad, starring Barcelona's Cesc Fàbregas, is a homecoming of sorts for the campaign (the original idea came from European soccer) and in some ways its riskiest spot yet."

Sorting Through the Streaming Music Universe

Christopher Heine asks the multimillion dollar question: "Who will survive such a crowded marketplace?"

101 Kick-Ass Music Covers

"The most awesome, iconic and controversial magazine images of the last 80 years."

From TV Land:

Live Music on TV Is Experiencing Something of a Golden Age

Dick Clark Productions Is Dramatically Increasing Its Output

Brand Partnerships:

Brands Are Launching Deeper and More Sophisticated Integrations Into Live Music Events

Capitol Music's Brand Partnership Director Talks About How Marketing and Music Are Changing

Rare Instruments:

5 Musical Instruments You'd Die to Own

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