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Can’s Smartwatch Save The Music Industry? says he not only launched his own company to develop and release a new smartwatch that includes phone capabilities but that he funded it as well. The new device is expected in July and allows you to do such things as make phone calls and listen to your music. unveiled a prototype on an English tv show, "Alan Carr: Chatty Man." I may be the first but I definitely won't be the last to ask, can this "" save the music industry?

Apparently had previously been spotted on "The Voice BBC" with his smartwatch which led to some discussion prior to's appearance on "Chatty Man."

Will.I.Am Shows Off His Smart Watch – Alan Carr: Chatty Man

The Next Web dubbed it a "" which makes sense not only because it includes a phone but because smartwatches often get their smarts by being connected to a smartphone.

So an integrated device actually makes sense for the next stage of wearable tech. One which can't come too soon given that wearable tech's early adopters have a high percentage that are losing interest.

But Can It Save The Music Industry?

In one respect this is a tongue-in-cheek question. Eventually any innovation related to music gets tied to such headlines so I thought I'd get that one out of the way.

But mobile music that you wear is a lot different than mobile music that you have to carry. When wearable tech finally starts to break through and we can begin talking about wearable music rather than devices, it seems likely that totally new opportunities to monetize music will emerge.

If is getting in on the game in as serious a manner as he sounds, then the day when new markets emerge for wearable music is a bit closer than expected.

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