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Deezer Expands Free Music Offering, Samsung Partnership Prior To US Launch

deezerDeezer has expanded its free music offering and announced a new partnership with Samsung. Its the first time smartphone manufacturer has teamed with a music streaming service. EU based global music service Deezer has said it will launch in the U.S. this year. Along with free unlimited on-demand access on desktop and tablet, Deezer's new features include:

Flow – a free personalized mobile radio service based on the user's music library. 

Playlist Radio – takes the users favorite playlists and combines them with recommendations from editors to create a radio station focused on music discovery. It's free with advertising for unlimited on mobile.

Deezer for Mac (Beta) – merge existing music collection with Deezer.  Regardless of the file format, the users personal music library is automatically synchronized with Deezer.

Deezer is also launching a new European partnership with Samsung. The deal offers Samsung customers six months of Deezer’s Premium+ service free when they purchase a Samsung smartphones or tablets. The partnership marks the first time Samsung has teamed up a music streaming service.

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