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If You Want Fan Attention On Mobile, You Need An App [STUDY]

image from www.mobilemarketingwatch.comA new study by app analytics firm Flurry shows time spent on mobile devices by the average US consumer rose to 2 hrs and 42 minutes per day in the last 12 months. But there's bad news in the report for those who expect fans to access content via mobile version of their web site. Time spent the mobile web averaged just 14% of the US mobile consumer’s time, or 22 minutes per day.

"The data tells a clear story that apps, which were considered a mere fad a few years ago, are completely dominating mobile, and the browser has become a single application swimming in a sea of apps," according to Flurry.

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The one bright for the 'appless' is Facebook, where users can access content via the social network's app.

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