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Living Indie Expands To UK With Live Streamed Alaska Campus Show [Updated]

Logo-livingindieLiving Indie is a live streaming service that works with indie bands to present live video streams of concerts for internet-connected devices. Until now they've been focused on shows in Spain. This weekend they live stream their first London show featuring Alaska Campus. It's a great deal for musicians since Living Indie provides their services for free, sending a video crew to the show, with the hopes of building a monetizable platform for viewing.

Living Indie is currently part of the 9-month Wayra UK accelerator program.

The basic concept is straightforward:

"If you’re a singer or band playing indie, indie/rock or electronica, and especially if you’re already a social media rock star, we’d love to hear from you. If it turns out we’re a good fit, we’ll cover all production costs, while you’ll have a live online gig for your fans and a shiny new recording of one of your shows."

Future monetization is planned to include "showing ad-supported gigs for free, charging a small fee for ad-free shows, and offering a full subscription model, too."

So Living Indie is investing a lot upfront in the belief that they can build a monetizable platform.

Update: Living Indie Director Niels Footman emailed me to clarify that they will be charging fees for production work at some future date writing:

"While we are covering the costs of production at the moment, it almost certainly won't be a permanent feature. We're figuring out how to monetise Living Indie most effectively, and our emphasis for now is building up a user base, but we won't be able to offer the production side "free" beyond an initial period."

"What we will always do, though, is focus on making Living Indie a viable business while making streaming accessible to the kinds of up-and-coming (and even established) acts who have thus far found streaming to be financially out of reach."

To be honest I consider that better news than trying to cover the cost of production entirely through other means which was a likely path to failure. It also sounds like they want to remain flexible and meet promising indies halfway so that too is a good sign for the future of Living Indie.

OnStage Setup from Living Indie

To date Living Indie has live streamed and archived 15 shows shot in Spain.

On April 12th they live stream their first concert from London featuring Alaska Campus, The Phantom Runners, SABATTA & The Buzzard Orchestral.

Living Indie bills itself as the "Netflix of Live Concerts." Except they're shooting every movie themselves.


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