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New Music APIs Launch From Beatport, Seevl and Equestrian Beats

Equestrian-beatsApplication Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow programmers the ability to access data and services from other companies to build their products. The release of a new API typically signals opportunities for new products as well as new relationships between companies. Beatport's new API launches with lofty goals while Seevl wishes to share data with those who've expressed interest. On the other hand, Equestrian Beats (logo at left) inhabits a world of their own where the next developer you meet just might be a Brony.

Beatport Plans To "Elevate and Advance" With API

Beatport announced it's new API with the lofty goal to "elevate and advance all elements of Electronic Music Culture."

Currently the API "provides access to the millions of electronic music tracks, mixes, and more available in the Beatport catalog, plus Beatport’s user-generated database of live dance music events."

As Beatport develops new "consumer features" they will also become accessible. Based on the Beatport developer site, such features will include a "totally new take on ticketing."

Seevl Opens Up Data for Music Discovery & Recommendation

Seevl is unlocking the data used to drive their own music discovery platform. CEO/CTO Alexandre Passant told me in an email that they'd gotten requests for access and so they decided to open up the API which:

"can be used either to get raw music meta-data (and to let a customer built its own recommendation / personalisation engine) on top of it, or as a full discovery platform with our own recommendation."

Passante described the audience for the API as:

"Broadly speaking, anyone looking for music and artist-related meta-data…The main target being music-related startups/businesses (from streaming to e-commerce) looking for a turn-key solution to enable search, discovery, recommendations, and personalization on their platform, or wanting raw data to build their own system on top of our API."

Seevl offers integration services through MDG Web of which Passant is also co-founder.

Seevl updated earlier this year and is now available in 5 languages including Japanese. Those translations include most of the content that would be accessible via the Seevl API.

Equestrian Beats Has An API for Brony Developers

Lots of new music APIs can be found at ProgrammableWeb.

New and familiar names include Xbox Music Developer, Beats Music, MusicGraph, Nokia MixRadio and OpenAura.

But I'm more intrigued by Equestrian Beats who've opened up an API for their "My Little Pony themed music site."

Does this mean it's time for a Brony HackDay?


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