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OpenAura Adds Content Partners Like The AP, Pitchfork, Beggars Group To Artist Platform

Openaura-logoOpenAura is an interesting new project from IODA founder Kevin Arnold that, most noticeably, aggregates images from musicians' official web presence. Artists can claim those pages or "Auras," add additional content and monetize them. Today OpenAura added The Associated Press, Pitchfork Media and others to the mix. Content owners can add additional pics and info to artists' Auras and join in the hoped for monetization.fest.

Up till now OpenAura has been benefiting from the wide range of imagery available through social media to create visual portraits from official media. It's a great idea though I have to wonder about some of the copyright issues especially since OpenAura says they'll be licensing the images to other sites via their API.

For example, I wonder how rightsholders will feel about this Beatles Aura which has yet to be claimed but includes Facebook photos that I don't think are designed to be embedded offsite.

That said, OpenAura is potentially a strong platform that will benefit musicians and rightsholders over time. Management companies have already come on board and today OpenAura announced the addition of an impressive group of content owners.

Content Owners Join OpenAura

The first ones up include The Associated Press, Beggars Group (4AD, Matador Records, Rough Trade and XL Recordings), Exclaim!, FILTER Magazine, Getty Images, !K7, The Orchard, PictureGroup, Pitchfork Media, and Sony Music Entertainment.

CEO Kevin Arnold stated in an official announcement:

"With the addition of Content Partners to our platform we'’re moving towards our goal of aggregating and syndicating the richest, most authentic set of artist-identity content available. This is the first marketplace that connects content owners to the artists that inspire their work for exposure and distribution directly to fans through the many places where they experience entertainment."

"We look forward to working with these leading content owners and professional creators everywhere to enable a new revenue stream and distribution channel for their content and to power the next-generation of artist-fan experiences online."

As I noted, the status of some of this content is not quite clear. Let's hope they're on top of such things cause this could be another revenue stream worth developing for musicians.

You can find more information here for both artists and content partners.


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