4 Ways For Artists To Get The Most Out Of Bandsintown

6a00d83451b36c69e201347fddbe5a970c-piTouring has become a much, much bigger, if not, the biggest income stream for any musician. With the rise of iTunes and single track purchases, album sales just don't cut it. Because time is money and you're spending most of it on the road, it's important that you understand tools like Bandsintown that help you get the most out of your tours.

Bandsintown provides a platform to keep track of and promote your tour dates with your fans. Not only does it help you keep your audience engaged, it opens the door for them to invite their friends and share their plans digitally. Learn more about how to use this tool with Leah Taylor on MusicThinkTank.com

"Over 10 million concert-goers use Bandsintown to discover shows, buy tickets and share tour dates with their friends. It automatically generates alerts for your fans through email, mobile notifications and Facebook notifications, and if you use Auto Promote or Twitter Sync, Bandsintown delivers alerts to your fans there too. Today Bandsintown powers the tour dates for over 215,000 touring artists, ensuring their fans never miss another live show."

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