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Bandzoogle Upgrades Music Websites With Unified Store and New Design Options

Bandzoogle-logoBandzoogle continues to release new upgrades to their website building and hosting service for musicians. Having migrated to a totally new platform in recent months, users are now seeing the fruits of that labor. In particular, a unified ecommerce store is available and new design options are appearing to update the look of sites as well. If this keeps up Bandzoogle has a strong case for being the leading one-stop-shop for musicians' website needs.

Bandzoogle's been on the renewal train for quite some time having introduced no fee digital sales of all files including bundles for Pro accounts late last year.

Bandzoogle Combines Digital/Physical Sales

This week Bandzoogle announced the merging of physical and digital store options for musicians. Previously physical and digital were handled separately.

Tyler Kealey's Music page is given as an example of the feature but it's unfortunately a better example of what not to do with a web store.

Kealey has gone with what I think is Bandzoogle's default label "Music" rather than "Shop" or the like. That would be ok if the store was just for music, since it combines available streaming with sales, but Kealey has a t-shirt hidden way down at the bottom of the page.

Tip of the Day: If you want to sell something, let people know it's there.

Expanding Range of Site Templates

A particularly important upgrade earlier this year added mobile responsive design to standard themes.

Now as Bandzoogle expands design options they're offering not only fresher looking templates but they're responsive by default.

This is a key feature these days with a divide building between hosts/design services that include responsive and those that don't. Responsive design means you're immediately available to mobile web browsers and that's no longer an option but a required feature.

While Bandzoogle's relaunch was long overdue it's not coming too late. The service still offers the best deal I can find, especially when you look at the email newsletter options. Assuming they stay on course this is a service to watch, if you're a competitor, and a service to check out, if you need a music website.


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch) posts music crowdfunding news @CrowdfundingM. To suggest topics about music tech, DIY music biz or music marketing for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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  1. => Kealey has gone with what I think is Bandzoogle’s default label “Music”
    Just to clarify, artists using Bandzoogle can name the pages of their website however they see fit. But, good point re: putting a shirt/non-music merch on a “Store” or “Shop” page.

    Dave Cool
    (Yes, that’s my real name)
    Director of Artist Relations
    Twitter: @dave_cool @Bandzoogle

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