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Fans Furious After Live Nation Offers 50% Refund After Janelle Monae Cancels

janelleLive Nation is standing by a decision to refund just 50% of the ticket price for a Janelle Monae and Kimbra show that was cut short after Monae took ill. The performance, part of a Live Nation-produced tour of Australian and New Zealand, took place on May 17th. Kimbra performed, but the audience was then told that Janelle Monae was too ill to perform.

Live NationTicket purchasers subsequently learned that they were only going to receive a 50% refund on their tickets. Many took to social media platforms such as Facebook to express their discontent.

“Absolutely disgusted. Just found out I won't be receiving a full refund to the Kimbra/Janelle Monae concert that was held in Melbourne on May 17th at the Forum," a disgruntled fan wrote on Live Nation's page.

"We did not get what was promised to us on the ticket therefore are entitled to a full refund. I bought 3 tickets. If I still have to pay $150 for a very disappointing evening I am going to be furious. This refund must be reconsidered to a full refund,” the fan added. – via CelebrityAccess

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