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Kobalt-logoOne of the leaders in label services, Kobalt Music Group, has also made quite a bit of headway in providing transparent reporting to clients while increasing accurate collection of royalties. This week they took another step forward with the announcement of additional revenue increases due, in part, to their recently launched ProKlaim service. This service integrates with YouTube to provide data on additional fanmade videos using Kobalt clients' music that YouTube missed.

Kobalt Music Group is perhaps best know for their label services that have made them a leading player in the move by musicians to stay indie while still receiving services once reserved for those on major or major indie record labels.

Last year around this time they announced the rollout of the new Kobalt Portal with a "number of unique, transformative features."

"As a first for the industry, clients can see usage data and royalties earned on YouTube user-generated content and watch the associated video from their portal...Clients can also follow the synch process in real time globally and not only see the incomes generated, but also the videos of their music when licensed for advertising, TV, film trailers, games and other media."

"Among other key new features are a real-time, customizable global activity feed and action center that notifies clients of key events and items to address in their catalogue."

This week they announced the initial success of ProKlaim, another innovative service for their clients:

"Kobalt’s unique technical integration with YouTube, including the launch of ProKlaim, Kobalt’s advanced detection technology, has significantly increased revenues collected on behalf of its clients, matching over 50 million videos to date and over 1 billion YouTube streams per month..."

"Beyond the standard claims reports that music publishers use, ProKlaim supplements YouTube’s own in-house fingerprinting technology to match copyright information with unclaimed YouTube UGC videos featuring music."

Kobalt Founder and CEO Willard Ahdritz stated:

“Our mission has always been to help artists and songwriters maximize their digital revenue...Our technical integration with YouTube now allows us to do that in a groundbreaking way. We’ve been able to deliver 100% of Kobalt’s eligible catalog to YouTube with an extended range of high quality metadata for each song that enables much faster, more efficient content matching and reporting."

"It also enables us to deliver daily automated feeds of updated new, claimed and blocked content to ensure we are quickly resolving any rights conflicts for our clients.”

Kobalt Music Group clearly intends to remain in the forefront with such services that go beyond what is readily available from much of the old and new music industries.


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