Lindsey Stirling’s PledgeMusic Campaign Takes “Shatter Me” To Billboard 200 Debut At #2

Lindsey-stirling-shatter-meLindsey Stirling has been a great example of what happens when you take your music direct to fans and cut out the gatekeepers who can't see past a product that doesn't fit their pop regimes. Stirling not only had great sales of her self-titled debut but has now gone on to leave sophomore slumps in the dust with a Billboard 200 debut at no. 2 for "Shatter Me." Her album is also the highest charting release for a PledgeMusic campaign plus it reveals Troy Carter's ability to move beyond Lady Gaga's ornate shadow.

Lindsey Stirling is an excellent example of a musician who was rejected by the industry, went direct to fans and found a supportive audience.

Lindsey then took her show on the road and eventually connected with Troy Carter who said he planned a non-traditional approach for Stirling based on what she was already doing.

Stirling's self-titled debut album sold over 300,000 copies and received a 2014 Billboard Music Awards nomination.

Now Lindsey Stirling's newest album, "Shatter Me," which I guess you can buy if you sign in to PledgeMusic though it's kind of unclear, has debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200.


According to a PledgeMusic announcement, "Shatter Me" is also PledgeMusic's "highest charting debut to date":

"Lindsey Stirling's Shatter Me debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and Top Current Album Charts with 56,038 albums sold in the first week following a wildly successful PledgeMusic campaign. In conjunction with manager Troy Carter's Atom Factory, the direct-to-fan platform partnered with the viral phenomenon and electronic violinist to take her fans on an incredible journey as she completed her highly anticipated collection of songs."

"This makes the album the highest debut album in the Billboard Top 200 this week and also lands the album at #1 on the Electronic Chart and #1 on the Classical Chart."

"Lindsey's first self titled album meanwhile jumped up to #42 on the Billboard Top 200 selling 6,501 this past week, a 63% increase."

This is big news for everybody involved and a great example of the emergence of a new music industry.


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  1. You can also buy her album from other places besides Pledge Music, like at Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and iTunes.

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