Nashville’s United Record Pressing To Add Even More Vinyl Presses

United-record-pressingOne of the big limits of the vinyl record resurgence is production capacity at vinyl pressing plants. Though it's said that nobody is producing the equipment and old presses are being sold for parts, one vinyl pressing plant has added presses in the last year with plans for more space and, yes, more presses. It's unclear where they're getting them but Nashville's United Record Pressing plant, known for servicing Jack White's vinyl projects, is ready to add some more.

Sadly Happily Jack White's promo video for 2013 Record Store Day is no longer available. In addition to promoting Record Store Day, the short humorous video below gives viewers a quick tour of United Record Pressing LLC's main facilities:

United Record Pressing has gotten lots of coverage for their output of vinyl that goes back to such classics as The Beatles' first U.S. 7".

Over the weekend news broke that United Record Pressing is expanding (via @hifidelics):

"The Nashville-based record maker paid $5.5 million for a 142,000-square-foot warehouse site…where it plans to add 16 presses and storage space."

United Record Pressing revealed that:

"The 30 presses at the company's current location…in Nashville are operating 24 hours, six days a week. United Record will continue to operate from that location — the largest record pressing plant in the country — along with the new building."

Early last year CEO Mark Michaels stated that their presses were already operating "24/6, and we're hoping to increase our capacity 30% this year to meet demand."

At that point they were said to have 18 presses. Since then they've grown to 30 presses operating at the same schedule. Now they're planning to add 16 more at the new facility though a timeline is not mentioned.

That's a grand total of 46 presses by the time United Record Pressing's done with this expansion.


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