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SF Music Tech Announces 2014 Startup Innovators Challenge Winners

sf music techEssential industry gathering SF Music Tech is just days away, and they've announced their 2014 Startup Innovators Challenge winners.  They sorted through 50 + entries, and chose the top 11. Each will be giving demos at the Summit next Tuesday May 20th.


The judges for the Spring 2014 SF MusicTech Summit Startup Innovators Challenge were Chris McCutcheon of TRi Studios, Marc Ruxin of Tastemakerx, Alexis Giles of, Patrick Mahoney of the SF MusicTech Fund, Ken Umezaki of Digital Daruma plus Brian Zisk and Patti Silverman of the SF MusicTech Summit team.

An audio webcast will be made available after the session on SoundCloud, and iTunes.

The 2014 winners are:


Axwave is the leading platform for automatic content recognition and committed to creating world-transforming sound innovation. Its exclusive technology brings people closer to the music they love. Axwave developed an automatic recognition technology that lets mobile users identify millions of songs without having to press one button. Its mobile app, GSOUND, lets users discover songs they listen to while in a car, at a bar, at the movies or at a club. The automatic discovery allows users to later review what they've listened to and interact with all tagged songs. In addition, besides recognizing music, Axwave is able to identify movies and live TV as well. It offers this innovative technology as an SDK to other app developers.

BLIZTR by Varius Media Group

Internet has opened new doors for music and fans. Every day, there is always more music out there and music fans are left with an increasing proliferation of services and data. As music lovers, we are literally swimming in music and, at the same time, drowning in music services. This is where Blitzr comes in. Blitzr is a free, artist friendly and universal music platform that allows music addicts to take advantage of the web in a whole other way.

At Blitzr we rely on semantic technologies to unify and to bring order to music. Blitzr combines the different flavors of all the existing dispatched music services, data and media into a new single and user-friendly interface. 

Backed by a semantic search engine and a universal metaplayer, Blitzr offers a 360 degrees perspective on music (infinite listening, discographies, biographies, news, events and all available contextual data). Blitzr features also the world's largest music databases, new discovery & recommendation tools and the first price comparison service dedicated to music (recordings, live tickets, merchandising...). 


Fantrotter is a ticket and travel search engine that enables fans to view the schedules of their favorite bands, festivals, sports teams, performers etc (whatever or whoever they are a fan of), and quickly find the best deals on tickets and travel arrangements to get them to the event and back.

This one-stop-shopping site coordinates current ticket prices for each event with flight, hotel and rental car options, calculating an estimated grand total for the entire experience. Fantrotter makes it fast and easy to compare prices and make purchases from popular ticket and travel providers for practically any ticketed event in the world.

With the “Fantrotter Travel Revenue Share Program”, bands, festivals and teams can make money from every airline ticket, hotel reservation and car rental their fans shop for. Partners simply install the Fantrotter website widget and Facebook app to start earning money from travel.

The program is risk-free: No cost to join, no manual work to be done (such as with putting together travel packages), and at any time partners can simply remove the tools to stop participation. The program kicked off in January 2014 and partnerships are now launching. 


FindMySong is an online music collaborative platform for musicians around the world to network, create music projects and manage their copyright all in one place. We aim to become the go-to platform for musicians to create better music and engage their fans efficiently.

 Fingertip Maestro

Fingertip Maestro is a new musical instrument for iOS, which allows anyone to instantly create beautiful music. We took a piano keyboard re-arranged the notes into a color-coded grid, which is easy or intuitive to play. Just tap slide & play! The Android version will be released in summer, and based on current numbers we expect to have 1 million downloads by the end of 2014.

Gigwell Productivity Suite

Gigwell is the first cloud based DJ booking platform that integrates end-to-end workflow automation for booking and management agencies. We provide a simple solution to manage all artist bookings, track payments, negotiate contracts, talent availabilities, and track revenue goals. So put an end to searching for gig contracts, signatures, and making those painful last minute trips to the bank for wire transfers. Gigwell lets you be more efficient and work smarter, not harder. 


Gideen helps 900 million music makers worldwide to monetize their songs and recorded music. By opening up a secondary music market for 650 million contract-free songs with no or just little income and no place to go, Gideen gains co-ownership of these assets and is matching this music with 100 million daily monetization opportunities.

Gideen innovates and introduces crowd-sourced marketing and exploitation, highly motivated by allowing everyone to buy into future music revenue streams for as little as $29 (gift size). Gideen also streamlines complex licensing rules down to 4 "all-you-can-eat" price models and shortens the "time-to-deal" from weeks to under 2 minutes. That opens the door for the urgently needed mass-licensing market.

LANDR by Mix Genius

Pro Studio Quality Mastering, Instantly.

High-quality mastering has always been an expensive black art that was affordable to few and technically achievable by fewer.’s online mastering tool is here to make high-quality mastering accessible to everyone.

Using big data, machine learning and intelligent systems, we’ve been able to create instant mastering that rivals top studios at a fraction of the time and cost. Our system recognizes the genre of your music, creates a sonic fingerprint of your mix and delivers a unique master that’s specific to your taste. Plus, all of this happens in less time than it takes to listen to an average song. 


Meludia is the 1st fast-track program to develop music abilities through sensations. It is an online game, which makes you hear and integrate music notions step by step. No theory, no instrument. Regardless of age or level.

For musicians in the making, it is the most simple, efficient and pleasant way to start music. Meludia helps you play an instrument "by ear". It improves your pleasure out of listening and your motivation to learn, practice and progress.

For confirmed musicians, Meludia provides the big picture of your level on music fundamentals. And it will enable you to continuously progress on all dimensions of music. Come and test Meludia now on 


RighTune creates emotional connection that drives commerce by playing personalized background music on websites and applications. We have over 700 customers actively use our service with millions of visitors that hear our music and we generate revenues. On average we increase in 15% the websites' business performance.

Currently, only the sight sense participate in the online world. Our big vision is to utilize the hearing sense into the overall online experience. Our music creates a subtle, ubiquitous ambiance that adds a deep emotional dimension to a site’s content and directly impacts users' behavior and increases staying time, brand loyalty and revenue. In fact, righTune takes the widely-accepted concept of in-store music used and leverages it for the online world. While playing music, we track users’ behavior and engagement level on the website. We use big data, behavioral, machine learning algorithm that continually updates the music for new website's users in order to maximize business results.

Vow Smart Headphones

Vow smart headphones is the world’s first true smart headphones. Its 3G+WiFi modules allow users to listen to music online and offline whenever and wherever. Not only does it offer high quality powerful sounds, with the embedded messaging apps, you can also chat with other fans and friends. Vow smart headphones used a very unique detachable touch-screen design, so our users would have a better user experience.