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Songkick Passes 10 Million Monthly Users, $100 Million Tickets Sold

image from blog.recordunion.comSocial concert and ticketing app Songkick announced today that 10 million fans are now using the service monthly. That's 4 fans every second using Songkick to discover shows and often share them with friends. Collectively, they've bought $100 million in tickets using the app since launch in June of 2007. Songkick says they are on track to sell another $100 million tickets in 2014 alone.

image from blog.songkick.comPresumably much of Songkick's recent growth comes from partnerships that spread their concert listings and ticketing links to YouTube, Google search, BBC, Spotify, Vevo, Hype Machine and other music and music related sites. 60% of current Songkick traffic comes from mobile.

In this fractured media landscape, letting fans and potential fans know about concerts can be difficult. It's also important, as most artists genrate more than two-thirds of their income drom live performance fees.

But Songkick also operates in an increasingly competitive sector  ReverbNation has long offered concert listings and BandsInTown has seen its share of growth. Recently, BandPage, while not specifically a live show app, has landed several major partnerships that deliver artists content including tour dates to a variety of major sites.

Incubated at YCombinator, Songkick has raised $16.6 million in several rounds led by Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures. The company created this infographic to mark the milestone:

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