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Vevo To Insert and Swap Out Ads In Music Videos Via Deal With Mirriad

Mirriad-video-adLast night Vevo announced quite a bit of news at its NewFront pitch. Of special interest is a deal with Mirriad, a company that inserts ads into surfaces shown in the video. It's a smart use of the ad spaces created within the video's narrative for product placements after the fact. For artists whose songs are played repeatedly over time, this innovation could offer a revenue stream that ages well.

Vevo's NewFront included news about "tentpole events" for videos that are "certified" when they hit 100 million views:

"In the two years the designation has existed, over 275 videos and 100 artists have been certified. This fall, Vevo will host a 'Certified Live' concert in Los Angeles that combines 2 certified stars and 3,000 superfans."

But Vevo's deal with Mirriad to take the kinds of surfaces one sees ads on in public places and, in the video, replace them with new ads seems a bit more important. Obviously the first version is often already paid for but this brings a lot of flexibility to any such in-video surface and opens up the eventual possibility of MCN's and the like bringing the option to a wider range of videos.

Aloe Blacc – The Man

You can see an example above of Mirriad's work with music videos. A Levi's ad has been inserted as a billboard.

Mirriad's COO Ted Mico is paraphrased as saying that Vevo is its "first foray" into the U.S. which means we can expect more such manipulation to come.

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