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YouTube Releases Video Tips for Electronic Music

Youtube-edm-strategiesOne of the more interesting documents from the Ibiza International Music Summit is YouTube's "Top Strategies for Electronic Music – Labels, DJs, Festivals." The series of tips and how tos covers a lot of ground that's worth considering for any musician using YouTube. In fact, very little of the document seems electronic music-specific though it clearly speaks to YouTube's desire to maintain good relations with the EDM crowd.

YouTube's "Top Strategies for Electronic Music" was sent to us by Hisham Dahud (former Hypebot analyst) of Fame House who is overseeing digital marketing for IMS Ibiza.

The tactics are "designed specifically with Electronic Music labels, DJs and event producers in mind" and do a nice job of including specific suggestions for "ways to do it" along with the "strategies" which are actually tactics.

For example the first tactic is "Create An Identity: Channel Design" with the following "Ways To Do It":

Channel Icon:

Design a bright, high contrast avatar that reflects the brand and is recognizable in smaller formats like the channel guide.

Channel Banner:

Create a channel banner that is formatted for all devices , clearly articulates the label, DJ or artist’s name and promotes upcoming events.

Welcome Video:

Programme your most recent track or create an original preview video.


Design consistent close-up high definition thumbnails that refle ct the title of the video and the content. Include branding that matches the channel aesthetic.

Channel Section:

Organize music videos into themed sections for easy navigation and listening.

InVideo Programming:

Promote your channel and feature a recent video or playlist ac ross your entire library of uploads.

Featured Channels:

Feature channels from your label or promote other related artists

You may have noticed that they don't really seem electronic music or EDM-related. In fact, the document as a whole seems to have pretty good advice for musicians of all kinds from giving your fans a peak backstage to collaborating with other artists to selling tickets, merch and downloads.


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