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YouTube Rivals: Yahoo Launching This Summer, Fullscreen MCN Developing VOD Service

Fullscreen-logoJust as Craigslist seems incapable of being undermined even as a long list of businesses focus on doing a better job of its subcategories, YouTube seems likely to remain a powerhouse even as companies like Vevo attempt to build their own platforms. Two big examples of rivalry and alternatives were announced recently. One, Yahoo's "YouTube rival," seems to be making a play for creators. The other, a video-on-demand site from YouTube MCN Fullscreen, is making a play for the fans.

Yahoo Targets YouTube Creators

Yahoo has been developing YouTube rivals for many years. The latest video effort from Yahoo is expected to launch in the summer.

Yahoo is clearly making a play to attract creators by offering exceptional services:

"For video creators dissatisfied with YouTube, Yahoo has a compelling pitch: more generous revenue-sharing deals, or fixed ad rates that are significantly higher than YouTube is currently delivering to creators."

"Like YouTube, creators will be allowed to establish their own channel pages and host their videos on Yahoo. Like YouTube's video player, Yahoo's video player will be embeddable on other sites."

"Those that sign a contract with Yahoo will get a publishing dashboard and have the ability to distribute across Yahoo properties including the home page and blogging service Tumblr, as well as a network of non-Yahoo sites."

For early adopters there are likely to be some really strong marketing possibilities via distribution on Yahoo properties.

Yahoo's also said to be "recruting producers that have been packaged as part of Google Preferred, which allows big brand advertisers the ability to buy videos produced by the top 5% of creators."

That might include some of these music channels.

Fullscreen Goes For The Fans

Fullscreen, a major YouTube MCN targeting millenials, is said to be "building a subscription-based, premium video on demand service" separate from YouTube.

Tubefilter's source is a bit sketchy on details:

"It’s unclear yet whether access to Fullscreen’s new platform will require a subscription to view any and all programming (a la Netflix) or employ a tiered model of ad-supported viewing and subscriber-only content (a la Hulu)."

'We’re told the only major difference between the prominent MCN’s new initiative and the established players in the space is Fullscreen is gearing its platform towards 13 to 24 year old consumers. It’s a demographic that has been largely ignored by other subscription video on demand services and with which Fullscreen feels incredibly comfortable."

It should be interesting to see what approach they take and how they present this to their target audience.

Though Yahoo's plans are likely more relevant to musicians, FullScreen does include one music-focused initiative on its YouTube network called FAM featuring artists like Lindsey Stirling and Sam Tsui:

"Artists who work with the FAM network have access to a slew of advanced tools that help them strengthen their presence on YouTube. Through exclusive deals with publishers, FAM artists are among an elite group of individuals who are able to monetize on cover songs found in Fullscreen's library of music."

"FAM is a network composed of creatives who share a passion for online video, and work together to collaborate and cross-promote, bringing you some of the most original and dynamic videos seen on YouTube!"

Both efforts will be well worth watching.

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