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5 Tips For Building A Fanbase Online

Killed-the-fixtionRoss Barber spoke with Killed The Fixtion's Rigo Asencio about growing a fanbase online. Having not played a live show since 2010, Killed The Fixtion have continued to release music and literally built their fanbase online rather than in tandem with live encounters. Barber says he's "impressed by the personal approach the band has taken to communicating with its fans" so I felt a closer look was in order.

I was surprised to hear that Kill The Fixtion hasn't been doing live shows. I take it from their Facebook page page that they do find ways to get on radio so there's clearly another interesting tale here that I've yet to hear.

If you're not playing out, that does make the web an even more crucial tool in building a fanbase. Here are some tips from Rigo Asencio about so doing:

5 Tips For Building An Online Fanbase

Find Your Fans, Love Your Fans

"When you do meet actual people who take interest in your art, cherish & honor them…You know how amazing it was for us when somebody told us that they love our music & they want to support us?! It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world to be loved & appreciated, but our family knows that they can’t beat us. In the end, we’re their biggest fans not the other way around."

Speak From The Heart

"The funny thing is sometimes all you need to do is write a post on Facebook or Twitter that comes straight from the heart. When you write something that is sincere, it always gets the most engagement in my experience."

Don't Rush Things

"We have to understand that finding and building a 'fanbase' online is not an overnight thing. We are in a marathon & not a sprint. This is going to take a lot of time & dedication. I believe that it takes a band or artist about 10 years before you really start seeing big changes in their world."

Don't Buy Fake Fans

"Before I forget, please don’t be that band that buys Facebook likes, Twitter followers, & YouTube views. Remember this is all about being honest with your journey as an artist/band…One real “fan” is worth more than 100 fake likes. Stop playing the number games that Myspace left us with, & start connecting with one person at a time."

It's Bigger Than The Music

"If all you have to offer people is your music, then we have a problem. The music is just an introduction in your world…'Why should people stick around you after they hear your music?' is a question every artist/band should be asking themselves."

Lots more where that came from at Electric Kiwi.


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