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7 Top Tips For Creating Highly Clickable YouTube Video Thumbnails

Iggy-thumbnailMatt Gielen of Frederator Studios shares their tips for creating "thumbnails that will be clicked." Interestingly enough, they apply the same principles to videos featuring humans as they do to animated videos: draw attention, get the audience excited and accurately portray the video's content. That last one? It's about developing a relationship rather than head-faking for a cheap click.

Matt Gielen's guide to YouTube video thumbnails is well worth a look though it's not relevant to all music videos since some are abstract or employ other approaches that don't fit the Frederator approach which focuses on head shots of YouTube stars and cartoon characters.

But, since so many videos feature the musicians, much of Gielen's advice is directly applicable especially for solo artists or bands featuring a dominant personality.

5 Top Tips For Creating Clickable YouTube Thumbnails

1. "Use close ups on faces, preferably making eye contact"

2. "Show strong emotions"

3. "Use bright backgrounds"

4. "Use contrast and outlines"

5. Be consistent for easier identification

6. "Design for the small screen"

7. Make it "easy to see and understand"

Matt Gielen has more details, more tips and even more insights over at TubeFilter.

[Thumbnail image from Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea and NBA Team Up In This Week's Jam Session]


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