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7 Tips For Marketing Your Music On Streaming Services

Victor-conradssonWe're in a weird transitional period in relationship to streaming music services. It's hard to know which service will survive and whether or not focusing on streaming alternatives to Spotify and Pandora, such as YouTube, is a better bet for the future. But if you are embracing or are now ready to embrace streaming music services, then it's time you started consciously building listenership on those services. Here are 7 tips from Believe Digital's Victor Conradsson on how to "engage directly with fans via streaming services."

There are a lot of different ways to look at marketing music. But providing music where your fans want to hear it and directly connecting with fans are two key concepts that seem to be winning the day. Putting your music on streaming services is one thing but putting more attention into connecting with your fans via those services is something more.

A couple of months back Victor Conradsson shared "7 ways to engage directly with fans via streaming services" (via @ElectricKiwi) on the Midem Blog which illustrates both concepts:

7 Tips For Marketing Your Music On Streaming Services

1. image from siliconangle.comAccess advanced customisation & analytics

2. Create streaming occasions

3. Grow your follower base, aka ‘follow me on Spotify’

4. Cross-pollinate

5. Adopt a new product management strategy

6. Set up marketing operations with the streaming services

7. Seek inclusion in popular playlists

Conradsson goes into plenty of detail and also suggests a post by Matt Riley on making the most of Spotify.

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