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Apple Gained “Cool” With Beats Purchase Says New Survey

image from 1.bp.blogspot.comOf the many reasons that Apple bought Beats including $1.3 billion in annual headphone sales, to jump start its lagging streaming music effort and Beats star studded executive team, improved image may be the most important.  Not only did Apple CEO Tim Cook get a stab at looking bold and visionary, but Apple's brand got a big boost, according to a new survey.

Education technology company Chegg surveyed 10,000 students. Almost all of them had heard of Beats prior to the deal, though just 15% had purchased Beats products and only 3% had used Beats Music.

But a whopping 60% knew about the Apple-Beats merger, according to re/code. 50% said the deal would make Apple more popular among their peers and almost 25% said it had made Apple more “cool.”

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