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Apple Removes Music Download Apps From iTunes

itunes appOver the last month Apple has been removing most of the most popular music downloading apps from its App Store. Included are apps that linked to third-party file sharing sites. A search on iTunes for "music download" in the App Store now displays a message encouraging users to try out iTunes Radio.

The move puts Apple more in line with the wishes of its major label partners and is not bad for business at it's own iTunes Store, iTunes Radio,  and newly acquired Beats Music.

Previously, the same search would have shown many apps that could download music from Soundcloud, YouTube and other music sites.  Here is an older iTunes music app chart via MacRumors who first noticed the changes.

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  1. Although it is a positive to see this, my question is why were these Apps ever available in the itunes store to begin with? Why when you “Google” ‘YouTube Free Download Software’ does it take you directly to pages of software that allows you to illegally download copyrighted music and movie files from their own site, YouTube?
    Some of these software programs are reviewed by CNET.
    Fortune 500 Advertising is still rampant on pirate sites.
    Why do highly respected, large corporations make money off the backs of hardworking artists? Is it all just power rules, step aside.
    How can we possible expect the public to respect artists when huge, successful corporations don’t. As a culture are we so enamored of wealth and greed that we look the other way and allow this to happen?

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