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Dotcom’s Baboom Nears Launch Of FLAC Music Service, “New Beginning For Music Industry”

kim dotcomAfter a January soft launch, Kim Dotcomm's Baboom streaming music service is close to launching publicly. Baboom promises higher payouts to artists along with FLAC high quality streaming and downloads. In preparation for the launch, company executives last week expounded on the virtues of a music company founded by the controversial Megaupload founder. 

Baboom will deliver ads alongside authorized content, as well as, offer paid downloads, according to the execs. 90% of all revenue will reportedly flow directly to artists; anmd all content will be in the lossless FLAC format.

image from“Baboom is the first music streaming platform to support FLAC streaming, which delivers lossless audio," says Chief Technology Officer Marco Oliveira. "What this means, is that fans get to listen to music exactly how the artist intended. No degraded audio experience, you get an exact replica of what the artist recorded."  [Editor: WiMP and some  others also offer FLAC.]

Its all about protecting artists and closing the gap between them and their fans/ “Artists should be in charge of their careers, instead of being locked in unfair agreements" Olivera told TorrentFreak. "Neither artists or fans care for this. All they care about is the music, and that’s what should matter.” 


2 Driving Factors

“For me there are two driving factors behind Baboom’s vision," says Mikee Tucker, Baboom’s Head of Content and Platform. "Firstly, the spirit of true independence and artist freedom which inspires our vision to empower the artist and give control back to the creator. Secondly, the need for a solution to tackle declining revenues and outdated business models which inspires our vision innovate and disrupt.”

But Will Artists Sign Up?

The success of Baboom will be driven by which artists offer content there. Dotcom claims he'll have several major artists and many other lesser knowns available at launch. 

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