Live Nation Launches “Official Events” On Facebook With Ticket Alerts and Sales Links

Demi-lovato-world-tourLive Nation is working with Facebook to bring a new Events tab to artists. Their Live Nation shows will now be automatically made available on the Facebook page of participating artists. Launched in conjunction with ticket sales for Beyoncé and Jay Z's On The Run Tour, links to tickets from Ticketmaster as well as secondary ticket sellers are included. Not a gamechanger but it does make a strong land grab to privilege Live Nation venues over everyone else on artists' Facebook pages.

Given that a variety of tabbed additions to one's Facebook page have launched over the years, Live Nation's announcement of their own version may not sound like news.

But the coordinated effort with Facebook does give Live Nation-related shows a boost. It also provides a new tool for artists whose fans on Facebook may be getting a bit harder to reach these days.

Here's basically how it works:

"Leveraging the size and scale of Ticketmaster's database, events promoted by Live Nation will be imported to Artists' Facebook Pages as 'Official Events.'"

Here's an example from Demi Lovato's Facebook page:


Official Events are relatively simple but get right to the point. Each date has a link to its own page with additional info.

Fans clicking Join and Save buttons will get updates when tickets are available as well as related news. Find Tickets takes one to available tickets whether from Ticketmaster or a "secure" secondary ticketing company.

It's said that the four nearest shows to a fan will show up on the artist's fan page but I haven't been able to find that in the wild.

Overall Official Events are quick, simple and likely effective in one's quest to reach fans.


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