Making Music Xray Work For You

Music-xray-logoBy Andrew Apanov of Dotted Music and We Spin, a marketing education platform for musicians. For a Hypebot readers discount on We Spin’s program, please see the end of the post.

Andrew Apanov interviews Mike McCready, a Co-Founder and CEO of Music Xray, a platform allowing artists to submit their music to industry professionals.

Mike McCready explains how Music Xray works both for musicians and record labels, music supervisors, publishers, radio stations and influencers who post opportunities on the platform. In 2013 there were over 4,500 artists and songs selected for opportunities on Music Xray, but is it a lot compared to the total submissions?

McCready doesn’t reveal directly, but says that there are artists with other 50% acceptance rate and that “it’s not a game of chance” – what matters is how appropriate your submission is for the specific opportunity, and how good your songs are overall.

Something that Music Xray claims to do well is managing artists’ expectations. if your music is not picked, the platform will provide feedback and suggestions. In the interview Mike also mentions practical tips for musicians submitting music to opportunities, and shows how music professionals can use feedback from others to pick songs for their own projects.

Music Xray – How Does It Work For Artists And Music Professionals?

00:39 – What Music Xray is

01:18 – The different types of companies that post opportunities

01:50 – Music Xray success stories

02:41 – How many songs are picked out of total submissions?

03:25 – Managing artists’ expectations

03:56 – Blaming Music Xray in bad results

04:20 – Recommendations for artists going to submit music

05:07 – How music professionals can use feedback from others

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