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Momentme-logoThough's event microsites are not specific to music they do have a lot of features that fit musicians' need to connect with fans and, when possible, monetize events more fully. You may know from their earlier incarnation as a social media album creator. Now they're applying what they've learned to event microsites that are available online and designed for viewing on desktop or mobile devices. They even have a free tier so you can check things out for yourself. launched back in 2012 as a site for gathering social media in personal albums.

In March they shifted focus and applied their tech to the creation of event minisites that can be viewed via web browser on desktop or mobile.

To some degree that's the route Switchcam took applying its tech to a similar problem. They folded soon after so I'm guessing they ran into a combination of limited runway and lack of real business prospects, at least in the short-term, for their product

Hopefully is better positioned to see where their event minisites will lead because it might take a while to successfully build and monetize such a service. offers free as well as premium versions. One of the big issues in pricing looks like the length of time for storage so keep that in mind.

For examples, you can see this Kodaline event site or go to the homepage, click on "Get Started" then scroll down and click on "Examples" at the bottom of the page.

If you start the site creation process, you have the option of creating one for an event of your own or using a readymade event to prepopulate the forms as an example. To see the site you then have to sign up, which is free. but even at that point you can see that there are a wide range of plugin options from a map to the event to social media related to the event.

If you open the Advanced Wizard you can then go to the 3rd stage, Guest Services, click on "add more services" and you'll see a number of additional widgets for shopping, ticket sales and selfie contests among other options. So there's quite a bit here to work with.

Sounds like a great way to extend an event beyond the show itself though do encourage new fans to connect more permanently via social media or your email list.


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