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Music Crowdfunding: GWAR Restaurant, Miles Davis Movie, Wearhaus Arc Headsets

GWAR_live_in_Toronto,_2008Music crowdfunding campaigns of note include a new campaign from GWAR for a GWAR-themed restaurant featuring such delights as GWAR-B-Q. Don Cheadle is also leading a new campaign for a film about an episode in the life of Miles Davis that he will direct. Plus there's great news from Wearhaus whose $75,000 crowdfunding campaign for Wearhaus Arc Headsets was a big success.

While Cheadle's film is a clear example of crowdfunding a project as opposed to a business, the other two campaigns focus on specific projects that also represent the founding of new companies. So keep that in mind when considering how crowdfunding might support your entrepreneurial ambitions.


Though they're only at 29% of their $50,000 goal, GWAR's Indiegogo campaign for the GWARbar is one of the more entertaining with some meaning attached:

"GWAR is known throughout the Universe for it's outrageous stage show, irreverant humour and head pounding music, but for years we have wanted to turn our demented eye to the service industry. With the untimely passing of our leader, Dave Brockie, we are more determined than ever to make one of his last dreams a reality, the creation of the GWARbar!"


Don Cheadle recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a film about Miles Davis that he's directing:

"The film will focus on a brief period in Davis' life in the mid-1970s, when he returned to recording and performing music after a long absence battling drug addiction."

Wearhaus Arc Headsets

Wearhaus is now in production/preorder mode for their unique social take on headphones after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Cofounder Nelso Zhang stated:

“We believe that music is meant to be shared and we’re so glad to find that thousands of people agree. We’ll be keeping out backers up to date on the production process throughout the summer – you’ll be with us every step of the way!”

[Thumbnail image: GWAR in Toronto, 2008, courtesy Wikipedia.]


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