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Music Tech Startups: Artiphon Wins Award, Songvice Graduates, Shuttersong Makes V2V Finals

Songvice Logo (Light)Despite the many challenges, music tech startups continue to appear in a wide variety of forms from software to services to hardware. Recent noteworthy accomplishments include a Pando Choice Award for Artiphon, Songvice's graduation from Amsterdam's Rockstart accelerator and a spot in the V2Venture pitch competition for Shuttersong.

Artiphon Wins Pando Choice Award

Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 with Apple GarageBand

The Artiphon is a unique instrument employing an iPhone that bills itself as the "first serious instrument for the professional mobile musician."

By that they seem to mean iPhone musician or mobile app musician cause the acoustic guitar is just one example of a highly mobile instrument that's served musicians quite well over the years.

That said, Artiphon won the Pando Choice Award at the recent Southland Conference in Nashville.

Songvice Graduates from Rockstart Accelerator

Songvice "connects you with experienced musicians for instant advice via screen sharing, video, and song feedback."

According to The Next Web they are:

"targeting the electronic dance music sector, where the cost barrier to entry has reduced massively in recent years but experience is still valuable when trying to produce a hit track."

Songvice recently graduated from the Rockstart accelerator in Amsterdam.

Shuttersong is Finalist in SXSW V2V Pitch Competition

Shuttersong allows you to add soundtracks to photos from your music library or through a live recording. They can then be shared.

They've been named a finalist in SXSW's V2Venture pitch competition in July.

Good luck everybody!


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