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New Spin Editor in Chief Leaves Print Behind To Focus On Mobile

Craig-marks-spinSpin's New Editor in Chief Craig Marks brings a strong background in both print and digital media with editorial experience at Spin in the 90s as well as at Billboard and Blender. He also co-founded Popdust and most recently served as editorial director at BlogTalkRadio. Now SpinMedia is hoping that Marks can lead Spin into a brighter digital future which Marks himself says will leave print behind while embracing mobile to reach the youth.

Yesterday SpinMedia announced the appointment of Craig Marks as Editor in Chief of Spin which was once a major music magazine in print.

In fact, though Spin stopped print publication a little over two years ago, Marks seems to feel that identifying Spin with a print magazine is still a problem:

"It's very, very hard to break up with print…But to hold onto print and to have an even kind of romantic relationship with it probably stands in the way of where Spin needs to be as a 21st-century digital publication."

Apparently the issue of whether or not to bring Spin back as a print publication is or was still open if he's bringing that up in early statements. It was discussed here back in the fall when Vibe was being brought back into print.

Marks says Spin needs to do a lot more with mobile because the youthful audience they're targeting is "clearly glued to their phones."


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  1. i’ve never understood why a magazine would abandon print altogether. why not simply reduce the print run, add a small surcharge, and then sell both physical and digital?

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