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Tango Launches Channels With Spotify, Vevo, 8tracks and OK Go Among Launch Partners [Updated}

Ok-go-tangoTango continues to expand the marketing possibilities on its highly popular messaging app. In April they added a news feed which opened up some marketing options. Yesterday they launched Tango Channels, official channels for businesses and celebrities forefronted with an attractive directory. Launch partners include music brands and musicians Spotify, Vevo, 8tracks, OK Go and Slash.

Tango's new Channels offer brands an official presence in the newsfeed. They're also distinguished by a nice looking directory of Channels that includes a Music section. It's a great marketing opportunity and though Tango's announcements don't clarify, it turns out that it's a service for which brands pay.

Update: Turns out, according to a Tango representative, that it's free but Tango is being very selective about who they work with at this stage.

Introducing Tango Channels

At launch Spotify, OK Go and 8tracks appear under the Music category. Slash is said to have one and Vevo's supposed to be on there somewhere as well. Users will be able to follow them and to share their content on Tango with their friends.

You can contact Tango here to let them know of your interest.


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