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Bandsintown and musiXmatch In First Batch Of Android Wear Smartwatch Apps

Android-wear-logoGoogle wants there to be a version of Android or Chrome for every screen, including the one you see in your dreams, but for now they're sticking to the obvious, our long unrequited desire for a true Dick Tracy SuperSmartWatch with Android Wear. This week Google Play debuted a section of apps for Android Wear watches. Bandsintown and musiXmatch's Android apps are among the first to support Android Wear. But there are other apps relevant to music and, so far, more apps being added daily.

Android Wear is a version of the Android OS adapted to wearable devices such as smartwatches. Currently there are two smartwatches powered by Android Wear.

Google's put out some videos to give you a better sense of how Android Wear could become a part of your daily life. This one gives a wider range of use cases but the video below is a bit more music-focused:

Android coming to a screen near you

Once you've picked out your watch, you've got a group of Android Apps that support Android Wear including apps from Bandsintown and musiXmatch.

It's hard to say what exactly these two apps do on Android Wear smartwatches if you don't have one. Smartwatches typically have either super-scaled down features, such as alerts, or function as an easily accessed control for one's smartphone, such as controlling your music while running.

Obviously this is just the beginning. We'll know a lot more by the time Christmas has come and gone.

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