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How Much Does A Major Act Get For Playing A Concert? [Price List]

$$How much do major touring acts get paid to pay a concert? This "price list" has been making the rounds for more than a month. As the founder of national booking agency Skyline Music, I know that these prices don;t tell the whole story. While Degy, the middlemen that put together the list, is a totally reputable company, the prices shared are just starting points.  

What a college pays to get a particular act on the specific Saturday night of their homecoming weekend can be very different than what a promoter pays to grab the same act on a Tuesday night in Des Moines while they are on tour. Nevertheless, the price lists below do provide an interesting and instructive look at the broadspectrum of what artists are paid. 

$100,000 - $1 Million+

concert price list


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$30,000 - $50,000+

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$20,000 - $30,000

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$10,000 - $20,000
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via Priceonomics

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