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Indie Music From Rumblefish Powers Soundtrack Of 1.4 Billion Monthly YouTube Views

image from rumblefish.comMusicians and labels are getting paid use of their music in more than 1.4 billion monthly YouTube views through Rumblefish. Founded by a professional musician and film composer, their multi-year head start in the sector has made them attractive to large digital distributors, deep label catalogs, and independent songwriters. Rumblefish says it has cleared more copyrights for use in online video, more than any other provider.  

image from mtechzone.comOn average, Rumblefish is signing up 10,000, and up to 30,000, songs each week; and music from the 5 million copyright catalog is licensed 50,000-80,000 times per day. While several start-ups are working on YouTube monetization, Rumblefish has been at it since 2006, enabling social video creators to add millions of soundtracks to tens of millions of amateur and professional videos.

Artists, labels, and aggregators that register with Rumblefish also make their music available for licensing within social video apps like Animoto, SocialCam, and Stupeflix, and in marketplaces like ProTunes and The Music Bed. Those videos frequently end up on YouTube where Rumblefish collects ad revenues, which allowssongwriters to earn additional royalties. 

Founder and CEO Paul Anthony, who launched Rumblefish as a successful, traditional sync-licensing firm in 2000 and launched the micro-licensing operation by 2006 says, “Before now, it was nearly impossible for iPhone filmmakers to legally and logistically get the music they really want to use in their films. We’re helping filmmakers and musicians of all talent levels connect and create together. As musicians and filmmakers ourselves, we’re helping people make more art. The 1.4 billion monthly video views whose music soundtracks are powered by our artists’ music is a breakthrough for art, making it as easy and seamless as it should be.”