It’s Hypebot’s 10th Anniversary

image from 3.bp.blogspot.comToday mark's the 10th anniversary of my first posts on Hypebot.com.  What began as an exploration of the seismic changes overtaking the music industry to share with the artists represented by our Skyline Music agency, has become a must read for those building the new music industry.

At some point,  I realized that Hypebot had become a "trusted source," and we've never taken that responsibility lightly. 

No one ever really knows what theory, experiment or startup will gain traction and deliver value to musicians and fans. So because Hypebot has always been one of a small handful trying to make sense it Hypebotall, it seemed particularly important that we be fair, balanced and open-minded. I hope that we've succeeded.

I owe a very special debt to Kyle Bylin for shaming me into upping our game 5 years ago. He read everything I wrote so carefully and contributed so brilliantly, that I had to give him a job as Hypebot's first paid writer and then editor.  Hisham Dahud took on that role when Kyle left for Billboard, and in recent years Clyde Smith has helped keep the flame alive.

There are too many regular contributors to thank individually, but their voices are an essentials part of the conversation.  I'm also indebted to our sponsors, particularly Reverb Nation and Bandzoogle, who keep us from losing too much money on what continues to be a labor of love.

Most of all, thank-you all for reading.  Every page view, tweet, like and comment is still a wonderful and motivating gift.  

My first two attempts at posting on July 1, 2004:

Onward to 10 more years!

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  1. Have found both great new services and creative ways of thinking over these years thanks to Hypebot. Congartulations!:-)

  2. Huge congratulations and an even bigger THANK YOU are in order to you, Bruce. I owe an incredible amount to Hypebot as a reader, and was so privileged to go under your wings during my time on staff. That time undoubtedly helped chisel me in to the music professional I am today.
    Big, big thanks go to Kyle Bylin as well for never accepting anything less than absolute quality from me. That man instilled “attention-to-detail” as a way of life for me; owe him tons, too.
    Clyde Smith keeps me (and so many more) coming back everyday, his commentary continues to feed me and everyone else in invaluable ways. The ship is indeed in tremendous hands.
    Music and technology’s love / hate relationship will only intensify in the years to come – here’s to 10 more years of Hypebot keeping us informed and able professionals. =)
    Hisham Dahud

  3. Thanks so much for everything Bruce, may Hypebot have the happiest of birthdays! 🙂 Hypebot is a great resource which helps the ecosystem move forwards, and we’d be a lesser industry without it.

  4. Bruce et al-just the thought of sustaining a consistant voice over these past ten years is an achievement in itself. Good luck and good fortune to you all -past, present and future!!

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