Limited Run Joins Indie Services Adding SoundScan Reporting To D2F Music Sales

Nielsen_soundscan_logoIt's often hard to know when a feature update is newsworthy but Limited Run's addition of SoundScan reporting to their music and merch ecommerce platform is certainly noteworthy as part of a larger trend for D2F and DIY music ecommerce services to include such reporting. With both DIY acts and indie labels now using such tools proper acknowledgement of one's efforts are important. In fact, we're probably at a stage where SoundScan reporting should be considered a must have feature when evaluating ecommerce tools and services.

Limited Run is a music and merch ecommerce platform that's been steadily improving since its relaunch in 2012.

This week Limited Run announced the addition of SoundScan reporting for all music sales. Reporting includes preorders for albums whose sales are then reported for the release date.

Keep in mind that presales can be especially strong for those who involve fans in the development of the album or have really supportive core followings. For example, Ginger Wildheart charted off a PledgeMusic campaign that included all presales in release week figures.

So SoundScan reporting should be taken into account when you're choosing ecommerce services. I took a quick look at some of the more prominent music and music-related ecommerce options and found that everybody I checked in on now have such reporting.

Additional ecommerce services w/SoundScan reporting:

If you know of others, please add them in the comments.


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