Michelle Shocked Calls Out Digital Music Execs On Silent Album Release

image from images.cdbaby.nameActivist singer songwriter Michelle Shocked has released "Inaudible Woman," an 11 track 'silent' album completely devoid of sound via CD Baby.  Each 'song' is named after a prominent music industry figure, mostly in the digital music realm. Getting Shocked's silent treatment are Chris Harrison (Pandora). Patrick Donnelly (SiriusXM), David Drummond (Google, Youtube) and Robert Walls (Clear Channel) among others. 

MSChris Willman, a writer for Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, who wrote about an alleged anti-gay rant by Shocked in 2013 was also included. “Michelle Shocked has released a new ‘song’ named after me,” Willman posted on Facebook. “No, I'm not making this up. For better or worse, the track ‘Chris Willman’ consists entirely of silence, just like the other 10 tracks on the album, the rest of which are named after people in the music community (mostly folks on the forefront of digital music and streaming) whom she considers the enemy. Even knowing it was silent, I just spent 99 cents on CDBaby to buy ‘Chris Willman.’ (It's good, but it's no ‘Mean.’)”

Disclosure: Michelle Shocked is a former booking agency client of Hypebot's sister company Skyline Music

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