Soundrop Launches Robust Music Marketing Toolkit Show.co

image from cdn1.tnwcdn.comNorway based collaborative playlist platform Soundrop today launched Show.co, a robust set of linked music marketing tools. At it's core, Show.co is a graphically pleasing embeddable music player. But within the app fans are also encouraged to take a variety of powerful social actions, like trade an email adress for download or follow the artist on Twitter and Facebook.

"We looked at the pain points artists and labels face when trying to promote a new track, expand existing fan bases or grow revenue," said Jorn Haanaes, CEO of Soundrop. "Then we built a tool to solve those problems." 

image from www.show.coShow.co campaigns are created within a dashboard that includes analytics to track the results. One set of uploads and a few connections generate a landing page, embeddable widgets and social posts.

In addition to good design, what sets Show.co apart is the wide range of 12 targeted fan interaction opportunities including Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and Tumblr. Fans can buy image from www.show.coon iTunes, Amazon and Beatport, or stream music from Spotify, Deezer or Beats Music. Upcoming concerts in their city can be displayed with one click to ticketing.

What does it cost?

After a 14 day trial, Show.co ranges from a basic 1 campaign a month for $25 a month to $599 for labels or marketers doing 9 or more campaigns monthly. 

More @ Show.co

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